WEICON Flex 310 M Liquid polymer adhesive with ISEGA approval

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Atest: ISEGA dopuszczenie do kontaktu z żywnością

Baza chemiczna: Polioksylopropylen

Cechy szczególne: Klej/uszczelniacz jednoskładnikowy

Zastosowanie: Montaż i docieranie, Papier i tektura, Powłoki, Smarowanie tworzyw sztucznych

WEICON Flex 310M Classic

Self-levelling, one-component casting and coating compound based on polyoxypropylene.

It is a strong, paintable (wet) and sandable product with very good aging resistance and good resistance to UV radiation, fresh and salt water. Contains no silicones, isocyanates, halogens or solvents. The product is ISEGA certified for use as an adhesive in the food processing sector. Flex 310 M® Classic is a flexible adhesive based on MS polymers and designed for bonding metals, many plastics, ceramics, glass and stone. Flex 310 M® Classic can be used in the construction of containers and equipment, containers, car bodies and vehicles, ship, yacht and boat construction, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, energy and electrical industry and wherever silicones are not used.


  • Normal conditions: +23°C, relative air humidity 50%
  • for joining metals
  • for joining many materials
  • for bonding ceramics
  • for joining glass and stone
  • construction of containers
  • container construction
  • construction of vehicles, ships, yachts, boats. air conditioning and ventilation

Features and Benefits:

  • very good aging resistance
  • good resistance to UV radiation, fresh and salt water
  • Contains no silicones, isocyanates, halogens or solvents
  • ISEGA approval

Technical data

Base 1K-Polyoxylpropylene
Viscosity Paste
Stability, Leakage (ASTM D 2202) 1mm
application temperature +5 to +40 °C
Curing type Cured with ambient moisture
Curing conditions thermal resistance +5 to +40°C and 30% to 95% humidity
The formation of the epidermis
25 minutes
Curing speed (first 24 h) 2 - 3 mm
Volume change (DIN 52451) -1%
Minimum gap 5mm
Maximum gap 25mm
Shelf Life (+5°C to +25°C / +41°F to +77°F) 12 months
Shore A hardness (DIN 53505 / ASTM D 2240) ± 5 42
Breaking elongation (DIN 53504 / ASTM D 412) 650%
Tensile strength 3.3N/mm²
Medium Shear Strength (DIN EN 1465/ASTM D 1002) 2.1N/mm²
Tg room temperature -55 °C
Specific resistance > 10^10 Ohms/cm
Breaking strength (DIN 53515/ASTM D 1002) 20N/mm²
Maximum allowable deformation 15%
For painting "wet" within 3 hours at the latest
Building material category (DIN 4102) B2
Thermal resistance -40 to +90 short term Up to +130 °C
ISSA-Code 75.634.30/31/32
IMPA-Code 815271/72/73

Application method:

The surfaces must be clean and grease-free. Many surface contaminants such as oil, grease, dust and dirt can be removed with WEICON Surface Cleaner. We recommend WEICON Spray Cleaner S for dirty metal surfaces; WEICON Sealant and Adhesive Remover is suitable for removing old paint or adhesive residue. Most materials can be easily combined with each other and with each other. We recommend the use of a primer (WEICON Primer) for certain materials or extreme requirements. Mechanical surface treatment (e.g. by grinding or sandblasting) can significantly improve the adhesion of the adhesive.

Cartridge Gun, pneumatic gun for applying adhesives (310 ml cartridges), compressed air gun, we recommend the version with a piston (WEICON Pneumatic dispensing gun), automatic dispensing systems.

Available packages:

[ 200 ml ]