HARD Wax 100ml Bicycle chain wax

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HARD Wax 100ml Wax lubricant for the chain

Hard Wax is a liquid ceramic wax that, when released, hardens upon contact with air.

Product packaged by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

Chains waxed with Hard Wax grease are extremely resistant to contamination. Thanks to this, the chain and driveline run cleanly and for a long time, especially in difficult conditions.

The waxes used in the composition are a special formula of paraffin, PTFE and a solid lubricant. Paraffin is a carrier and barrier - it carries PTFE and ceramic lubricating particles.

This hybrid wax composition provides long-term lubrication and protects the chain from excessive damage.

bike chain wax

Features and Benefits

  • improved additive lubrication
  • wear of drive parts is reduced
  • ease in the waxing process (liquid droplet application)
  • protection of the chain against dust and dirt adhesion
  • it is suitable for any weather, even in rain and moisture
  • reduces drive noise
  • the world's only flexible formula for chain wax without melting


    Hard Wax grease recommended for MTB, triathlon, gravel, racing and e-bike chains operating in wet and dry conditions. When riding in rain/wet conditions, the chain should be re-waxed after prolonged contact with water.

    Properties of Hard WAX grease

    Standard Contents Unit Result
    CTM0176 color Pink-red
    Composition: several types of hard waxes, corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier thickening liquid wax, PTFE nanoparticles and red solid lubricant
    DIN 51 757 Density at 20°C g/ml 0.78
    DIN 51 562 Wax viscosity (mixed at 0°C) cSt 320
    DIN 51 562 Wax viscosity (mixed at .35°C) cSt 20
    Recommended temperature range for application °C 5 to 43
    The temperature at which hardened wax melts °C 65
    The temperature of the water washing off the hardened wax °C 70
    DIN 51 350 pt.4 Weld load n 1000
    DIN 51 350 pt.5 load capacity mm mm 0.6
    Flash point, °C -> 200 °C > -10
    temperature of self-ignition °C around 300
    Total drying time hours 4-6


    1. Clean the chain
    2. Prepare Hard WAX before application
      It is necessary to heat the wax bottle to a temperature of about 50 degrees (water bath) so that the product becomes completely liquid
    3. Apply the lubricant dropwise (remember to mix thoroughly by shaking the bottle) along the entire length of the chain with a new layer of wax lubricant.
    4. After lubrication, turn the drive system several times
    5. Remove excess liquid wax with a dry cloth
    6. Leave the chain for 4 to 6 hours for the wax to fully cure.
    7. After this time, you can turn the drive system one more time and remove excess hard wax.

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