XLUBE HARD WAX Hard ceramic chain wax 100ml

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xlube Hard Wax ceramic chain wax 100ml

Hybrid ceramic wax bicycle chain lubricant that is applied in the same way as drip oil lubricants.

The wax emulsion has been designed to achieve the lubricating effects of hot wax, with all the advantages and ease of application of drip oil lubricants.


  • prevents dirt from sticking
  • Quickly produces elastic chain action.
  • Reduces frictional resistance on chain links
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Silences and eliminates chain noise.
  • Creates a protective barrier against moisture.
  • Extends chain life several times compared to oil lubrication
  • Wax protects the chain longer in bad conditions - sand, water.
wax application:
  • thoroughly clean the chain of dirt and old grease
  • the surface to be lubricated should be thoroughly degreased
  • liquid xlube Hard Wax used to lubricate the chain must be so liquid (over 40° C - preferably immersed in hot water - max. temperature 70° C) that it easily penetrates into the chain pins and other hard-to-reach elements of the chain
  • apply the wax to the surface of the chain with a cloth, brush or dropper included in the bottle.
  • by turning the pedals, we spread liquid wax to all elements of the chain, including: pins (pins), cotter pins, bushings, plates and rollers.
  • after applying the wax, allow it to dry for a few hours or more, depending on the type of wax and the weather and temperature conditions.
  • Use a cloth or brush to remove excess wax from the chain.
  • After the wax has dried (after 4 to 8 hours), check that the chain is properly lubricated and that the wax has not reached the desired hardness.
  • A change in chain noise (metallic noise) indicates wear of the wax lubricant. Consider reapplying it.
for MTB bikes, triathlon competitions, gravel bikes, amateur and competitive racing and e-bikes working in wet and dry conditions. Chains waxed with xlube Hard Wax ceramic wax contain in their base several types of wax and solid lubricants, including PTFE, which rub into the metal elements of the chain. Hard Wax is recommended for time trials or uphill cycling competitions and mountain biking. Xlube Hard Wax ceramic chain wax provides lubrication in all weather conditions.