Clean "CHAIN ​​FOAM" - Foam for cleaning the chain 250ml

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Clean "CHAIN ​​FOAM" - Foam for cleaning the chain 250ml

Concentrated chain cleaner packed by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

Chain Foam is a biodegradable cleaning agent for washing the bicycle chain, metal, aluminum, rubber and plastic elements that are bicycle parts.
Safe for humans and animals, the preparation for removing greasy dirt is a concentrate of cleaning agents and therefore, after applying the first layer of the cleaner, we can use a sponge soaked in water, which will continue to use the layer of cleaning agent not removed by previous soaking. The preparation removes and dissolves old oil-fat contamination of animal and vegetable origin as well as layers of dirt consisting of many layers, and above all, from the point of view of bicycle operation, oil-derivative contamination and contamination from synthetic lubricants. The product can also be used to clean grease stains from clothes and sportswear without fear, remembering about the need to thoroughly rinse the material in the final stage of cleaning. After applying the product to the cleaned element, an active and penetrating foam is produced, which means that the cleaner does not run down even on vertical elements and the dirt reacts with Chain Foam and effectively removes all greasy dirt.