Molykote Un Paste Assembly grease for metal and rubber - 50g

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Solid assembly lubricant paste with synthetic carrier oil


For assembly, running-in and permanent lubrication of elements exposed to high temperatures. MOLYKOTE® UN Lubricant Paste is suitable for dry lubrication of bearings (low rotational speeds), guides and joints that are exposed to temperatures exceeding 200°C; at higher temperatures, the carrier evaporates, leaving virtually no residue, and the remaining dry anti-friction layer itself takes over the sole lubrication up to +450°C - even otherwise in a protective gas atmosphere. The paste based on synthetic oil is also suitable for lubricating structural elements made of materials that are not resistant to mineral oils. Used successfully for rolling and sliding bearings in casting ladles and converter bearings in steel plants, conveyor rollers and drive belt conveyors,

  • Assembly and lapping
  • chains
  • Plain bearings, bushings and sleeves
  • Lubrication of plastics
  • Rolling bearings
  • Rubber and elastomer lubrication
  • Slide guides and tracks
  • Valves, seals, gaskets and O-rings

Performance benefits

  • Dry lubrication up to 450°C
  • Reduced friction and wear
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High load capacity
  • Compatible with some types of natural rubber and plastics
  • Good compatibility with plastics and rubber
  • Performance at high temperatures
  • Low speed performance

Product Details

Product type Anti-seize pastes
Technology Polyalkylene glycol (PAG)
NLGI class 2
Thickener Lit
Solid lubricants MoS2, white solids
Low temperature (C) -40
High temperature (C) 400
Color Black
Density at 20°C: 1.7 g/ml

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