ROCOL PUROL Grease NSF 3H Food and pharmaceutical grease

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Atest: Certyfikat Halal, Certyfikat koszerności, NSF H1 spożywczy do kontaktu z żywnością

Cechy szczególne: Wysoka przyczepność i adhezja

Nazwa kategorii: Smary plastyczne

Pojemność opakowania: 400ml

Rodzaj: Aerosol Spray

Typ produktu: Wyprzedaż

Zastosowanie: Maszyny spożywcze, uszczelnienia, uszczelnienia o-ringi i zawory


NSF 3H direct food contact grease for the food and pharmaceutical industries

lubricant for food machinery bearings
mixer grease

White, non-toxic grease designed for effective lubrication and protection of seals, guides, bearings and blades, especially in the food industry, pharmaceutical environment where direct contact with food is inevitable.

Particularly suitable for seals, slicer plates, meat grinders, blenders.


  • for seals of food and pharmaceutical machines
  • for guides of food and pharmaceutical machines
  • for bearings of food and pharmaceutical machines
  • for blades of food and pharmaceutical machines
  • slicer plates
  • wolf meat grinder knives
  • for mixers

Features and benefits

  • Temperature resistance from -10 ° C to + 110 ° C
  • Halal certified
  • ISO-certified
  • NSF H1 & H3 (3H) Certification
  • Kosher certificate
  • DETEX functionality
  • High pressure grease (EP)

Technical data

    Characteristic Test method Result
    Appearance visual white grease
    Base type -

    White oil

    Base fluid viscosity at 40°C IP71 - ASTM D445 100 cSt
    Base fluid viscosity at 100 °C IP71 - ASTM D445
    Thickener -
    Not soap
    temperature range -
    -10°C to +110°C
    Weld load 4 ball test IP 239 - ASTM D2596 355 kg
    White, non-toxic solids
    Copper corrosion test IP112 - ASTM D130 1b
    NLGI consistency no IP50 - ASTM D217 2
    Period of validity - 36 months

    Application method:

    PUROL Grease paste can be applied by hand, grease guns, drum pumps or other methods compatible with NLGI No. 2 grease consistency. Compatible with other soap-thickened greases. However, for best results, remove the previous grease before use.

    PUROL Grease spray Shake the aerosol before use. Apply from a distance of 15-30cm. For better results, reapply after a few minutes may be beneficial to displace remaining moisture.

    The storage temperature of the spray should be below +50°C and the storage area should be out of direct sunlight. Protect against overheating. Avoid places with high humidity.


      When using ROCOL products, comply with the physical, safety, toxicological and environmental data and regulations contained in the packaging description.

      DETEX (Functionality for Aerosols) - Plugs / Caps are detectable by most metal detectors. Particularly useful in the food industry.

      Available packages:

      [370g] [400ml]