Hybrid "SHOCK" Shock absorber lag spray 100ml

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Pojemność opakowania: 100ml

Zastosowanie: Amortyzatory

Hybrid "SHOCK" Shock absorber lag spray 100ml

SHOCK Spray is a mixture of synthetic and silicone oil designed to protect shock absorber legs against corrosion, pitting, dirt adhesion packed by eLUBE by ABS Serwis

It protects the sealing elements against excessive wear and at the same time provides the lubricated elements with perfect slip, which reduces the phenomenon of friction between the shin coating and the dust seal, as a result of which we need much less force to overcome the initial deflection of the seal and start the amortization process. The preparation, despite the fact that it contains agents that significantly improve adhesion to metal, does not thicken the lubricating and cleaning preparation

This newly developed product is designed to lubricate the legs of bicycle shock absorbers, including competition bikes, where there is a risk of micropitting (these are pits created by micropitting to a depth of about 10-20 µm into the metal and often resulting in a dull or gray appearance). Particular attention was paid by product designers to ensure that the preparation had excellent lubricating parameters, protecting against dust settling and penetrating in a long period of time, significantly exceeding the products for shock absorbers currently available on the market.

The base oils included in the preparation are enriched with complex additives preventing corrosion and oxidation, and do not contain lead and its compounds. They effectively protect shin elements and rubber elements against increased wear. In addition, rubber lubricating elements eliminate the negative effects of too tight seals in new shock absorbers. SHOCK Spray improves the smoothness of your shock absorber by eliminating creaks, squeaks and jamming. The temperature range in which the preparation retains its basic properties is from - 40 ° C to + 140 ° C.