MOLYKOTE G-807 Low friction grease - 18.1kg

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Cechy szczególne: Dobra wodoodporność, Wydajność w niskich temperaturach, Właściwości uwalniające do form

Konsystencja NLGI: NLGI 1

Nazwa kategorii: Smary plastyczne

Niska temperatura: od -31°C do -50°C

Pojemność opakowania: 1kg

Przemysł: Motoryzacja, Transport

Wysoka temperatura: +131°C do 150°C

Zastosowanie: Kable sterujące, Smarowanie tworzyw sztucznych, uszczelnienia o-ringi i zawory, Łożyska toczne, Łożyska ślizgowe, Łożyska ślizgowe panewki tuleje

MOLYKOTE® G-807 Low Friction Silicone Compound

Low friction silicone compound with specially formulated solid lubricants. NLGI Grade 1

Product overview

The MOLYKOTE® G-807 compound is a low friction lubricant solution made of a PTFE modified silicone compound. MOLYKOTE® G-807 has a wide thermal operating range (-40°C to 150°C) and is compatible with many common elastomer and plastic components. The MOLYKOTE® G-807 compound helps prevent corrosion and rust formation on metal surfaces.


MOLYKOTE® G-807 compound is a versatile solution for equipment and applications requiring corrosion protection and low friction, including:
  • Metal and plastic lubrication
  • Metal and rubber lubrication
  • Automotive ball joints
  • Brake caliper pins

Features and benefits

  • Excellent compatibility with elastomers and plastics
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Low friction
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 150°C)
  • Infusible
  • Good waterproof
  • Performance at low temperatures
  • Release properties

Problems solved

  • Melting or migration of lubricants at high temperatures
  • Seals deteriorated or damaged by grease
  • High level of corrosion of metal elements

product specification

Product type Blends, Lubricants
Technology Silicon
NLGI Grade 1
Thickener PTFE
Solid lubricants PTFE
Low Temperature (C) -40
high temperature (C) 150
Color white

Related Apps

  • Control cables
  • Sliding bearings, bushings and bushings
  • Plastic lubrication
  • Rubber and elastomer lubrication
  • Valves, seals, seals and O-rings

Related Markets

  • Electronics
  • Home appliances and appliances
  • Industrial maintenance, repair and refurbishment
  • Transport

Related performance benefits

  • Good corrosion protection
  • Good compatibility with plastics and rubber
  • Good water resistance
  • Performance at low temperatures
  • Release properties

Related product chemistry

  • Silicon
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