Shell Gadus S1 V160 2 Universal lithium grease

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Baza chemiczna: Olej mineralny

Cechy szczególne: Dobra wodoodporność

Konsystencja NLGI: NLGI 2

Nazwa kategorii: Smary plastyczne

Niska temperatura: od 0°C do -30°C

Przemysł: Konsumencki, Motoryzacja, Sprzęt AGD, Transport

Wysoka temperatura: +100°C do 130°C

Zastosowanie: Wielozadaniowe, Łożyska toczne

Shell Gadus S1 V160 2

Multipurpose Grease

Universal lithium grease for bearings



Wheel bearings in lightly loaded passenger cars and vans.

Features and Benefits

  • Savings
    Use of relatively inexpensive grease when high quality grease is not required.
  • Safety of use
    The use of Gadus S1 V160 is safe because it does not contain lead and is not classified as dangerous.
  • Convenience
    Possibility to reduce the number of lubricants used. Shell Gadus S1 V160 is a multi-purpose grease and can be used in many light duty applications

Technical properties

Shell Gadus S1 V 160 2
NLGI consistency 2
Color light brown
Working temperature °C -20 to -120
Thickener type lithium
base oil mineral
Kinematic viscosity (ASTM D445)
at 40 [°C] 160 cSt
at 100 [°C] 15 cSt
Worked Penetration (ASTM D219) at 25 [°C] 0.1mm 265-295
Dropping Point (IP 396) °C 180


Work safety and environmental protection

Shell Gadus S1 V160 does not pose a direct health risk when properly used for its intended purpose and with personal hygiene.
Avoid skin contact. Use protective gloves. In case of skin contact, wash off the oil with soap and water

Environmental Protection
Used oil should be handed over to an authorized and licensed waste disposal company.
Do not pour into the soil, surface waters or drains.